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300 Blackout 95gr Light Barrier Penetrator

Price: $47.50
Out of stock
Item Number: 300LBP
Manufacturer: Alliance Armament
Our new .308 diameter projectile was designed for the .300 Blackout but can be loaded in any cartridge of .308 dia. designation. The new solid brass monolithic projectile gives match grade accuracy, maximum velocity, flatter trajectory and of course more penetration over conventional projectiles.
  • Quantity of 50 per box.
  • 100% lead free
  • 2,490 feet per second capable from the 300 Blackout
  • near 100% weight retention through most mild barriers i.e. (glass, sheetrock, wood 8-10" at listed velocity, kevlar, steel sheet and plate to exceed 1/8" thick.).
  • Tested load was 20.0 grains of Lil'gun, C.O.A.L. 1.965" generated 2,490 f.p.s. from 16.5" barrel.